Woman with PCOS Started Growing Facial Hair Reveals ‘Incredible’ Cure


London: A woman who ‘suffered in silence’ after she started growing dark facial hair as a result of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has revealed how she boosted her confidence with laser removal. Sophie Marshall, 25, from Elstead, Surrey, was diagnosed with the condition – which causes high levels of ‘male hormones’ in the body – in her early 20s when she noticed dark, coarse hair growing on her chin, neck, and face.

After years of waxing and plucking her skin, while using thick make-up to cover up marks left over, Sophie decided to try laser hair removal.

Woman with PCOS Started Growing Facial Hair


Chin Hair in Women


She was thrilled with the results, which left her without any ‘horrible bumps and spots from ingrown hairs’ and made her confidence increase massively, even encouraging her to start her own make-up blog. PCOS is a common condition that also causes irregular periods, weight gain, and can decrease your chance of getting pregnant.

Reflecting on her diagnosis, Sophie said: ‘I was shocked and upset. I didn’t know a lot about it and immediately thought about how it’s going to make life harder when I want to have a family. ‘The side effect of growing more hair was my main concern and I wanted something doing. I was told losing weight would reduce PCOS so I started to take action for this.’

While the issue of her weight issue could be addressed, the facial hair was more problematic and despite losing two stones over nine months, her symptoms did not get any better. Self-conscious about the coarse dark hair on her face and neck, Sophie was advised not to shave her face – to avoid the hair growing back quicker and longer – and so instead tried waxing.

She said: ‘Shaving made hair comes back coarse and darker and waxing left me with rashes, scars and markings’ Sophie became, even more, self-conscious when she started dating her boyfriend of three-years, Dean, 36 and was forced to pluck her individual hairs in between waxes, wearing thick make-up to cover up the bumps left behind.

‘But trying to get rid of the parts on my face was bothering my confidence and self-esteem I had to take further action.’ After years of battling with her condition, Sophie decided to visit Health and Aesthetics in Surrey for a consultation where Dr. Rekha Tailor advised regular laser hair removal treatment on her face and neck.

She revealed: ‘Laser hair removal at Health and Asestics clinic was the best decision I made and more people should know about it.

‘After the first appointment, I started to notice the hair on my face and neck becoming less coarse and dense.’ ‘I increased the areas covered to my sideburns and top lip and noticed brilliant results there too. ‘Now I’ve been having it for just over six months and the results are just incredible.’ ‘Unlike the waxing, I haven’t been left with any horrible bumps and spots from ingrown hairs, and it’s not painful.’ via dailymail

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