Why You are NOT Losing Weight Fast Despite Exercising and Eating Well


London: Even when they are exercising often and eating ‘all the right things’, many men and women struggle to achieve their weight loss goals. So, to help people conquer these challenges, Australian website and community The Healthy Mummy has outlined the common reasons why you may be gaining or maintaining weight instead of losing it.

From snacking too often to a lack of sleep or an increase in muscle mass, it’s essential to take note of your exercise regime as well as your body measurements. Some of the reasons include a lack of sleep and overindulging on healthy foods.

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Snacking too much: We all snack throughout the day, but it’s important to notice the type of food you’re eating and how often you snack. The Healthy Mummy recommends drinking a large glass of water before grabbing a snack or making a nutritious smoothie instead.

‘You think a few little bites here and there won’t matter? WRONG! Mindless snacking, even on healthy foods like nuts or fruit, can rack up over 1000 extra calories per day that you may not be accounting for,’ they said.

Not exercising enough: While going for walks is a good way to exercise, it may not be enough to make a good bodily impact and see results. ‘Incidental exercise is good but in order to lose weight and see more results, you need to work hard to reach the recommended amount of time you exercise,’ they said.

Consider taking part in an eight-week challenge or perhaps try The Healthy Mummy’s own 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which promotes home workouts. Incorporating body cardio and weights into your exercise routines are also an essential asset when losing weight.

Lack of sleep: Everyone knows sleep is important, though some may be unaware of how detrimental it may be to your weight loss results. According to research, women who sleep for less than five hours a night are ’32 percent more likely to experience major weight gain’ in comparison to women who sleep for a minimum of seven hours per night.

Splurging on weekends and overeating: After eating healthy all week it’s important to ensure you don’t sabotage this hard work by eating bad foods, such as burgers and pizza, on the weekend.

‘You work hard on your healthy eating all week, but weekends are often sabotaged by takeout, cocktails and unlimited snacking. All these little treats add up. Don’t let the weekend be your weakness!’

Interestingly eating too much healthy food that contains too many calories, such as nuts and brown rice, can also slow or disrupt your progress.

You’ve gained muscle: Many women often misunderstand how muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue, and as the body composition changes your overall weight may increase due to more muscle. This is another good reason to take before and after photos, every six months or so is to see if you’ve gained muscle.

The Healthy Mummy recommended not simply relying on the scales but using a measuring tape to track your progression too.

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