Whiten Your Skin Naturally With This Special Summer Skincare Routine


Whiten Your Skin Naturally


London: Beauties we are rounding up the best skincare tips for this summer! Here are a few tips which will keep you all fit for summering! Let’s dive right into the top tips. These experts approved tips will help you glow and energized for sunny days out.

Don’t forget your sunblock: Summers tip number one is a must have sunblock which will block all unwanted heat from getting to your skin, which ends up in darkening and damaging your skin. Choose a sunscreen according to your skin type and you are SAVED!

Pro tip: If you don’t like the white residue of your sunblock then take your foundation and sunblock, mix equal parts and apply to avoid waste.

Whiten Your Skin Naturally Summer Skincare Routin

Keep yourself hydrated!! Skincare is not only about the products you use on your face, but it is everything you intake even so to keep yourself energized and glowing drink plenty of water. 8-9 glasses of water can be annoying!!! Here is an alternative drink which will keep yourself fresh!

Detox water: All you need is water, chopped ginger, sliced cucumbers, chopped mint, and lemon slices, add these to a water bottle, refrigerate for 1-2 hours and your summer detox water is ready.

Instant skin glow: We all need that instant glow to get our skin going, and here is a perfect hack for your summer skin. Make your face mist which will give you an instant glow and that too with only two products!! Complete skin hydration and radiance.

All you need is Rosewater and Cucumber juice, mix both the ingredients and your face mist is ready. Or you can always get one from your favorite skincare brand:

Cleansing: Cleansing must be a constant ritual in your skincare routine as it is essential to clear the pores of your skin from all the pollution and makeup residue, which can lead to a breakout. Select a cleanser according to your skin and cleanse your skin every night for soft and clear skin.

Keep a balm to hydrate your lips: Another must have for summers is a lip balm or light colored moisturizing lipstick which will help you keep your rosy lip game at its best. All the heat can make your lips dehydrated, which can be tricky.


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