Grey Hair Dye: What Causes Gray Hair and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

What Causes Gray Hair and How Do You Get Rid of Them

Dubai: Premature grey hair is the shortage of melanin in your child’s body. The human body contains melanocytes that contribute to the creation of the hair color called melanin. When the body can’t deliver enough of the crucial color, the color tends to become slightly transparent, or gray.

Excessive genotoxic stress due to high exposure to ultraviolet light and radiation triggers the onset of premature graying of hair in kids. Artificial products contain chemicals that are extremely corrosive and hold the capability to damage your scalp and hair quality as well as triggering premature graying. Watch the following video to get rid of grey hair.

Gray Hair Cause and How to Get Rid of Them?




Consuming a lot of candies, chocolates, sugary starch meals, or any nutrition may result in excessive consumption of that nutrient, which may result in the premature graying of hair.

Researchers at cosmetic company L’Oreal have been developing a new treatment by mimicking an enzyme that helps to protect the melanocyte stem cells from being used up.

However, the treatment would need to be taken many years in advance of hair turning grey to have an effect. Frauke Neuser, the principal scientist at Procter and Gamble, added that for most people, hair dye may still be the best solution to greying.

She said: “Genetic predisposition is the main factor determining when and how quickly we turn grey. “However, recent research suggests that environmental factors, such as oxidative stress, might also contribute to greying, although the full extent of their impact is not fully known yet.

“It is unlikely that a cosmetic product will ever be able to solve this and it will probably require medical intervention. “Anything that can shed light on why we may go grey could help people to change their behavior to delay it for as long as possible.”

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