21 Days Weight Loss Challenge: Use This Home Remedy to Lose Weight Fast


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Burning extra belly fat seems to be on most of our priority list these days. From deciding on the right diet plan to following a hardcore fitness regime, there are multiple things that can help you to work towards shedding weight.

However, you could be doing everything in your capacity but if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, all your efforts to achieve your goal will go in vain. Compiled from Pinkvilla, here is a list of five things to do before hitting the sack that could help you to get rid of those extra kilos faster.

Refrain from eating after 8 pm: While it depends on person to person, it is recommended to stop eating three hours before going to bed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since most people sleep around 10 pm to 11 pm on weekdays, health experts advise not to eat post 8 pm. However, you could push the deadline to 10 pm on weekends.

21 Days Weight Loss Challeng


Drink green tea before bed: It is believed that drinking a cup of green tea can boost your metabolism and help lose weight. Meanwhile, it can also aid in digestion or constipation. However, people must realise that green tea shouldn’t be consumed immediately after meals as it can obstruct nutrient absorption in the body.

Fight food cravings with good sleep: Several studies say that lack of sleep can affect your brain and make it harder for you to make healthy choices. After a night of poor sleep, people tend to go for extra dollops of dessert or fast food. If you sleep well and take ample rest, you can fight your food cravings.



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