Treatment of Constipation with Home Remedy – Signs and Symptoms


CONSTIPATION pain occurs when there are problems in the digestive tract, often caused by diet problems. Adding this food to your diet could reduce the painful symptoms. Constipation pain can be unpleasant and even embarrassing in some cases.


Symptoms of stomach trouble include problems emptying your bowels, stomach ache, and feeling sick. There are several tricks to clear the system, including eating porridge to get more fibre into the diet. Dr Anthony Hobson, clinical director of the Functional Gut Clinic, said the oaty breakfast food could help relieve constipation pain.

“The first thing to do is to increase your fibre intake, so introduce more high-foods such as porridge, wholemeal or granary breads,” he told Simple diet changes, such as drinking more water, could also help.

“Increasing your fluid intake will normally be enough to treat constipation and make stools easier to pass,” Dr Hobson continued. “It’s also important to try and increase your daily activity to help get your gut moving and a simple daily walk or run might be all it takes.”

Treatment of Constipation with Home Remedy

Around one third of UK adults have suffered from constipation pain. Eating too little fibre, daily stresses, anxieties or ignoring urges to go to the toilet were all blamed for causing the condition. It explains: “You produce gas in your bowel when the food you’ve eaten is broken down to be absorbed.

“Certain foods such as pulses, bran and fruit, can increase the amount of gas you produce, so try to limit these. Regular exercise may also help to reduce your symptoms.


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