Teeth Whitening: Simple Way to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home


London: Does oral hygiene only affect your teeth? While poor oral health does affect the teeth, the gums and also other parts of the oral cavity, it has been linked to cardiovascular diseases as well. Infection of the gums — or periodontitis in other words — is quite troublesome and can damage the teeth, soft tissue and the bone. It can potentially be a portal for entry of other infections into the body.

What are the best whitening techniques? Will brushing your teeth twice a day actually make your teeth whiter and shinier? Watch the following video for more details.

Simple Way to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Remove Tartar and Plaque From Teeth




Commercially available toothpaste cannot lead to the same results since the bleaching agents need to remain in contact with the teeth for a prolonged period. Furthermore, the same strength of bleaching agents is not found in toothpaste preparations available to the public, for an excellent reason. Bleaching agents can burn the gums even in small concentrations.

Teeth Whitening Home Home

In-office tooth whitening procedures involve bleaching agents. It is about an hour-long process, including four steps, with bleaching gel being changed every 15 minutes. The results depend on the expertise of the dentist and the quality of the materials used. However, if the highly caustic bleaching gel is leaked onto the gums, it can cause severe harm.

The teeth of many smokers do not just get discolored, but are also adversely affected by gum disease, which in advanced cases can cause them to lose their teeth. Even if implants replace the teeth, poor oral health due to continued smoking is going to affect them as well.

Other tobacco containing products such as gutka and paan can lead to precancerous changes in the mouth. People from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds often seek medical attention when their situation has deteriorated significantly. At times, they are even unable to open their mouth, which signifies the onset of oral cancer.


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