Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach Cream for Instant Fair and Glow



Summers do bring in beautiful fruits like watermelon, melon, falsa, plum, litchi (lichee), peach and the king of all fruits, mango. Instead of going for carbonated drinks and canned juices, make it a habit to take plenty of fruits. It increases your body metabolism and keeps you fresh in the heat.


Our body care largely depends on what we eat; it’s recommended, especially in summer, to avoid oily curry and traditional dense, spicy food. Less oil and lighter condiments are a must to keep your body and skin glowing and fresh.

Women spend many hours in the kitchen and end up damaging their skin. Make sure the kitchen is adequately ventilated so that your body doesn’t suffocate. Short trips outside the kitchen while cooking would help one to get away from the stove’s heat.

Skin Whitening Foaming Facial Bleach Cream

This season brings with it allergies, pimples and heat rashes. The best way to keep away from these is to bathe regularly with an antiseptic soap. Change the way you dress, as heavy material stops the body from breathing, wear cotton or lawn in light shades as it doesn’t absorb extra heat. In case you get rashes, use any of the widely available prickly heat powders to soothe the skin.

Although it is the hottest place in the home, it is the kitchen from where we get all-time popular home remedies descended from our grandmas’ era. Made from natural ingredients, these tips are less risky, and we are better off as we do not have to pay hefty fees to cosmetologists.

Some of the natural bleaches for tanned skin are tomato, honey and lemon. They work slowly and gradually to remove the tan without any side effects. To prevent summer boils and burns, it’s advised to use Aloe Vera or cucumber as both are natural coolants.

Milk is a superb cleanser and can be used daily on all skin types to remove dirt and makeup from the face. Like our body, the scalp becomes dry and itchy too; to soothe your hair and scalp, applying a mixture of egg and yoghurt is recommended; it scrapes off dryness and nourishes the hair.


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