Remove Unwanted Hair in Just 5 Minutes That Will Never Grow Back Again



When it comes to female facial hair, there are awesome women like Harnaam Kaur who wear their hair with pride, and there are others want it removed ASAP. Neither approach is wrong, but it’s safe to say the latter is the more common.

But what actually causes female facial hair, and what are the best ways to safely remove it? There are many different factors that can contribute to a woman experiencing some facial hair growth, and they range from hormonal imbalances (which can be quite severe) to genetics.

“It’s actually very common, and most of the time people don’t see it as a medical problem,” Dr Adrian Lim, a spokesperson for the Australasian College of Dermatologists, told HuffPost Australia. “And the causes are simply racial and genetics.

“There are certain races which are more prone to facial hair, for example, Chinese and Japanese people might be more hairless and then you have southern Indians who might be more susceptible. Source

How do I get rid of it?

The simplest methods, which are appropriate if you don’t have much hair, can be DIY jobs you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom without too much worry.

“I mean obviously if it’s just one hair or two, pluck them out,” Dingley said. “Though this can be a bit difficult if your eyesight isn’t so good.

“For ladies getting older this can be more difficult as time passes, though you can get good magnifying mirrors these days.”

Other obvious options include bleaching and waxing, though those with sensitive skin may run into problems.

“For some people the bleaching and waxing irritates their skin too much, and threading can cause ingrown hairs, meaning you end up with this lumpy pustular thing as well as the hair,” Dingley said.”Then of course the hair is still coming through.

“While these methods are simple to perform, they still have possible side effects and they certainly don’t offer long-term solutions. [The area of concern] will need constant maintenance.”




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