Permanent Hair Straightening At Home Results Same Like Keratin Or Rebonding




London: Dr. Sadia Masood, the Consultant Dermatologist, says, “Once you have determined your hair type, care becomes easy. For dry hair regularly massage your hair with oils like coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil at least twice a week to keep it soft and shiny.

Use a mild shampoo as harsh ones may contain chemicals that can strip off protein layers, further drying the scalp. Oily hair, on the other hand, needs to be washed every second or third day or even more frequently depending on the individual’s comfort level.

Rinsing with water that has a few drops of lemon juice added to it will keep it from looking greasy. Natural hair is the ideal type; however, a well-balanced diet is a must to maintain it.”

Permanent Hair Straightening At Home

Excessive use of any hair styling products is likely to cause damage. For instance, brittleness of the hair shaft, leading to breakage, can be caused by harsh chemicals used to set, bleach, shampoo, color, straighten or curl hair during styling; any of these can have a detrimental effect on the texture and integrity of the body of the hair.

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia generally occurs in genetically predisposed individuals. While there is no cure for this, except hair transplant, Dr. Masood reveals that there can be other reasons for hair loss among men, including, hormonal imbalance, use of certain drugs and radiation such as chemotherapy, some systematic disorders and, most commonly, stress and a nutrient deficient diet. She, therefore, stresses the need for a healthy and balanced diet and a stress-free lifestyle.

She further recommends coconut oil as one of the best sources of natural nutrition for hair. Regular massage with coconut oil ensures that your scalp is free of dandruff and lice. It is an excellent conditioner and will keep hair shiny; it will also help in the re-growth of damaged hair.


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