Permanent Facial Hair Removal From Chin, Upper Lip, Legs with Egg


Permanent Facial Hair Removal From Chin, Upper Lip, Legs


The most common body parts where you can have unwanted hair are the chin, cheeks, and the upper lip. Laser hair removal is a best and easy way to get rid of them. “For Botox, I was expecting a lot of working people and professionals to come for treatments,” says Dr Samina Sohail, a certified dermatologist and a diploma-holder from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

According to Sohail dermatologist, the first laser clinic opened in Lahore in 1999. The next clinic opened in Islamabad in 2000, also run by a male doctor. Six months later, Sohail became the first woman in Pakistan to open a laser clinic. Since then, she’s been seeing both men and women for treatments.

She confirms that the most popular treatments at her clinic are, in fact, laser treatments: all over the body, including eyebrows, unibrows, legs and even beards.

Remove Unwanted Facial Hair from Chin and Upper Lip


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