Natural Ways to Control Urinary Incontinence, Weak Bladder and Leakage




Severe constipation, uncontrolled diabetes, immobility, urinary infections and psychological problems can cause urinary incontinence.

These views were expressed by health experts at a public awareness programme on “Urinary incontinence“, organized at the Aga Khan University Hospital on Saturday.

Natural Ways to Control Urinary Incontinence


Consultant Urologist Dr Syed Raziuddin said that the prevalence of urinary incontinence – involuntary loss of urine – was around 14.6 per cent in females and 6.8 per cent in males in Asia with increased risk in old age, among females with multiparity, history of pelvic surgery, lower urinary tract surgery, obesity and neurological disease.

He said that urinary incontinence was distressing, potentially debilitating condition and frequently under reported due to social embarrassment associated with it.

Also present at the programme, Dr Biybani highlighted the causes of urinary incontinence and its treatment. He said that patients were recommended special exercises and medications to treat unwanted urinary bladder contractions. Besides, he said that other options for the treatment included devices in females to stop urine leakage, injections or surgery to strengthen weak muscles and surgery in cases of obstruction to bladder outflow in males. -PPI


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