Irregular Periods and PCOS: Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones


London: What is PCOS? The syndrome, which is caused by a hormonal imbalance, can result in a myriad of issues like loss of scalp hair, obesity, hirsutism, oily skin, acne, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles, and reduced fertility. While it`s one of the most common hormonal disorders in Pakistan it affects a staggering 20.7pc of women and is the primary cause of infertility in women; research shows it also goes undiagnosed in more than 70pc of women suffering from it.


How to tackle PCOS The backbone for the management of PCOS is weight loss; diet also plays a fundamental role. Also, diet and exercise also play a role in controlling the increased levels of` insulin which women with PCOS tend to have. First, watch the following video of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh to tackle this female hormonal imbalance issue naturally.

Irregular Periods and PCOS: Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

Imbalances Harmones

Erum Jhumra, a registered dietician and nutrition therapist, recommends a strict sugar free diet. `Primarily such women should not consume sugar or anything else that easily converts into sugar, juices [both packed and fresh] and excessive bad fats.

But you cannot generalize the diet and portion sizes, as the syndrome exhibits different symptoms in different people, based on individual differences and the years the syndrome has been maturing undetected in the body,` she says.

Moreover, Jhumra says that weight should be lost methodically, aiming only to shed fat, while maintaining a healthy diet. She feels that following a proper diet is something that should be encouraged from a young age and advises that parents should make sure their children eat balanced meals and avoid packaged food.

Low Vitamin D levels have also shown a correlation with the onset of PCOS, so getting plenty of sunshine is also a good idea.

Early diagnosis is the Crucial, timely detection, and initial management of the syndrome has many benefits, says Jhumra, as it saves the girl from many physiological and psychological issues. `Ignoring and thinking that the issues will settle … is highly damaging and further complicates the problem, making it difficult to treat issues like fertility, when the girl is of age,` she adds.

Agreeing to this, Dr. Kirmani says that early intervention and treatment of PCOS decreases metabolic risks and prevents the long-term risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Moreover, if such menstrual irregularities are left untreated, it increases the risk of endometrial and uterine cancer for PCOS patients later in life.

Dr. Kirmani also encourages young girls with menstrual irregularities to seek out medical advice. He points out that the United States` National Institute of Health states that girls may have irregular menstrual cycles for the first two years, but there are certain limits to it. Even within the first year after puberty, periods shorter than 19 days or longer than 90 days are always abnormal and should be immediately checked by a qualified and experienced doctor.  source DawnNews


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