How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy – Natural Kidney Cleanse at Home



Islamabad: Unhealthy diets are leading to a dramatic rise in the number of kidney problems faced by patients and that urgent attention was needed to resolve the issue lest it proves to be fatal. This was disclosed by nephrologist Dr Khawar Sultan while speaking to Express News.

“The past two decades have seen a dangerous increase in the percentage of kidney patients,” said Dr Sultan who practices at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims).

“Kidneys are an important organ of the body which excretes unwanted material out of the body while also maintaining a balance between water, salt and acidity in the body. The kidneys also control blood pressure and play an important role in the production of vitamin D and blood,” Dr Sultan said, adding that around 20,000 people die of kidney failure every year.

Natural Kidney Cleanse at Home

“The biggest reason [for kidney diseases] are sugar and blood pressure while a lifestyle comprising of fast foods, pain relief medicines, lack of exercise, jobs which require one to sit in a single position for long periods of time, birth problems, use of poor medicines, stones in the bladder, increased prostate, and glomerulonephritis are other reasons for kidney failure,” he explained.

The nephrologist said that symptoms of kidney diseases include blood in urine, black urine, irregular inflammation in the body or face, lack of appetite, repeatedly feeling nauseous or vomiting, fall in sugar levels or returning to normal levels without taking any medicine for sugar patients and lack of blood.


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