Natural Superfood: Moringa Leaves Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health




I came to know about Moringa tree from a friend studying at Harvard University and was amazed to learn of its health benefits. Can I grow Moringa in Lahore and the surrounding areas? I have contacted various people for seed but have not yet found any. Please suggest somewhere that I can buy seeds for Moringa oleifera or Moringa stenopetala seeds.

A. Moringa oleifera , commonly known as ‘Drumstick tree’ or ‘Horseradish tree’ in English and ‘Sohanjna, Sahajna or Munaga’ in Urdu, is indigenous to Pakistan and is fairly widespread throughout the plains of the Punjab and in the foothills of the Himalayas and other mountain ranges in the west and north of our climatically diverse country.

Moringa Leaves Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

The juice from Moringa leaves is believed to stabilise blood pressure, the flowers are used to cure inflammations, the pods are used for joint pain, the roots are used to treat rheumatism, and the bark can be chewed as a digestive, and the gum, that exudes from the stem, is used to treat headaches.

It is antibacterial, stimulant, anti-epileptic rubrifacient, carminative, stomachic, abortif, cardiotonic, antispasmodic, anti-flatulent and anti-paralytic and a good cleanser. Moringa oleifera is a typical multipurpose tree with a high economic potential. Besides its leaves’ palatability, the tree produces a number of other useful products.

Almost every part of the Moringa is nutritious specially its leaves are a rich source of highly digestible protein, calcium, iron and vitamin C essential for livestock. The dry leaves contain seven times more vitamin C than orange, 10 times more vitamin A than carrot, 17 times calcium than milk, 15 times potassium than bananas, 25 times iron than spinach and nine times proteins than yogurt. Beside these, the plant is also rich in vitamin B-complex, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.


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