Liver Disease Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, Avoid Liver Cancer



Liver diseases were common worldwide, but Pakistan had an enormous share of this problem mainly due to hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses, which could led to liver scarring (cirrhosis), ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity), coma, liver cancer, liver failure and even death.


A senior physician, Dr Saeed Hamid, discussed the status and efforts so far made regarding hepatitis C and what was still needed to be done. Dr Hamid, who is also the new president of the PSSLD, said that liver cancer was increasing exponentially in Pakistan mainly because of epidemic hepatitis C viral infection.

Liver Disease Cancer, Symptoms and Treatment


Early diagnosis of liver cancer through proper screening methods could save many lives and as such early introduction of this measure was needed, he said.

He expressed the view that many Asian countries, including South Korea, had well-established national cancer surveillance programme and Pakistan could learn from them.


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