Best Life Hacks That EVERYONE Needs to Know and Improve Your Day


London: Housework can be taxing, and we could all do with some little tricks to make things easier from time to time. Now, thanks to the internet, we have access to countless hacks that can help save us time, effort – and hopefully even some money. Savvy homeowners from around have been sharing their tips on everything from effectively reheating food to speedy ways to fill a bucket.

From finding lost keys to tackling hazy headlights and buffing battered furniture, some of these tips are so clever, you’ll wish you’d thought of them yourself.

Best Life Hacks That EVERYONE Needs to Know

How to Clear a Clogged Drain of Kitchen and Washroom with Vinegar


Bathroom Cleaning Hacks


Food is never quite the same the second time around but with this clever tip, you can make sure that your leftovers are at least evenly heated up

Ironing can be a thankless task. You can spend ages slaving away and get very poor results. Luckily, this little tip can help you speed up and make all the difference

Wooden furniture can be a beautiful feature of any house. However, wood is also fragile and susceptible to nicks, scratches and other marks. Use a walnut to make it look as good as new

Stones make for great garden decorations yet they can be hard to get a hold of and impractical. But with this neat hack, you can still get the look

Sticking to the theme of reusing, old and clunky pieces of furniture can be a nightmare to get rid of. Check out this trick to make the most of your old dresser

Reusing things is another great way of saving money and saving yourself a headache. By putting holes in an old milk carton, you can make yourself a watering can

We’ve all been there, trying to fit our box or container into the sink but it just won’t fit. With this clever hack, you can fill up your big containers by using a dustpan

If button shirts are the most annoying shirts to iron than their collars are even more of a thankless task. Luckily, using hair straighteners is a great way to deal with them

Car keys, house keys, locker keys, no matter the type, keys are extremely important yet frighteningly easy to lose. Use this trick to make sure you never lose them again