How to Stop Ice Frost Buildup in Fridge / Refrigerator at Home DIY



Islamabad: Frost buildup inside the refrigerator occurs when warm, humid air from outside of the refrigerator combines with the cold, dry air on the inside.


Cause: Leaving the freezer door open too long can raise the humidity level inside the freezer, resulting in frost and ice buildup.

This ice frost also slows down the fridge cooling process, and your electricity consumption also increases. So you need to clean your fridge from any ice. In the following video, I share a simple method on how you can clear your fridge and save electricity.

How to Stop Ice Frost Buildup in Fridge/Refrigerator

The simple fix is not to leave the freezer door open longer than necessary, but if you open the freezer or refrigerator doors and they don’t close on their own, this could be the cause of the frost. To resolve this, pull the refrigerator out from the wall and have someone lean the fridge back far enough for you to reach the two front pedestal feet. Screw both feet out a few turns.

This will ensure the doors close on their own and that collecting water is properly draining from the freezer and refrigerator. If this does not solve the issue, you may have a malfunctioning defrost timer.


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