Gray Hair Oil Recipe: How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair Naturally



We all know the dreadful feeling of finding a white or gray hair on our scalp. This is seen as natural in old age but isn’t as common amongst the youth. No matter what age you are, finding a white strand is always a bane.

The reason why our hair becomes grey is when there is a significant reduction of the color pigment present in the hair. Whereas it turns white when there is complete loss of pigment. In recent times premature whitening has become extremely common, this is due to our changing lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Stress is also a major factor that leads to hair whitening.

Even though sometimes this can be due to your genes and abnormal hormone production, many other causes are due to our modern sedentary lifestyle. It can be prevented by adopting a healthier outlook in life, like regular exercise and maintaining a balanced diet.

How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair Naturally

Black tea

It helps to darken the color of the hair, and also due to its rich antioxidant properties it reduces the growth of the grey or white hair. You can take brewed tea approximately 200-250 ml and use it after shampooing as a conditioner. You can also boil two tablespoons of black tea and sift it after cooling down to room temperature. Apply it on the scalp and let it sit for at least one hour and rinse well. Do not use a shampoo afterwards.

Sesame Oil and Almond Oil

Almond oil is rich in nutrients that stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall. It also reduces split ends which is extremely beneficial for the hair. But it also enhances melanin production, thus restoring natural pigmentation in graying hair. Sesame oil on the other hand reverses the premature ageing process due to its anti ageing properties. Just massage either of the two oils thoroughly on your roots and the length of your hair and keep it preferably overnight, repeat at least once or twice a week.


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