Anti Aging Natural Face Mask: How to Remove Wrinkles Permanently



London: Skin produces its natural grease to protect the skin and to prevent it from losing moisture. Aging skin is a natural process. To a great extent, it needs the greasy protection as our skin’s renewal process (natural collagen, elastin and moisture production) naturally slows down with time. This results in older, duller, and unhealthy looking skin.


So what does ‘aging skin’ mean? Some of the signs are, thinning wrinkling, sagging, age spots and dryness. Your skin is under daily assault from a host of harmful forces, and the list of skin ‘enemies’ is likely to come as no surprise

Skin enemy no 1: Ninety percent of the problems associated with aging are the result of too much sun exposure. UV Rays break down collagen and elastin in our skin and also act as a turbo-charge for production of skin pigments (melanin), resulting in the appearance of sun spots or age spots.

How to Remove Wrinkles Permanently

Skin enemy no 2: Smoking destroys collagen, which is responsible for keeping skin elastic and healthy. Another effect smoking can have to slow down the healing process of wounds. A smoker’s skin is characterized by more wrinkles and a sallow/slightly grey complexion resulting from poor circulation.

Skin enemy no 3: Living in a polluted environment means that our skin becomes coated in grime, blocking up pores. Continually moving from centrally heated to air-conditioned atmospheres can also cause problems with the skin being alternatively dehydrated and re-hydrated.

Skin enemy no 4: We all suffer from occasional bouts of stress, and the skin can be one of the first organs to show external signs of internal stress. Dryness, sensitivity, spots and excess oil are all symptoms. Getting enough sleep is also essential, as our bodies and skin have time to repair and rejuvenate while we sleep.


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