How to Prevent Diabetes, Causes and Foods to Avoid with Type 2 Diabetes




London: THE prevalence of diabetes mellitus is on the rise in Pakistan, and complications as a result of the disease, such as stroke, kidney failure, glaucoma, etc., are commonly witnessed in hospitals. This is because sufferers are not properly guided, are dependent on medicines, and do not visit doctors for a follow-up.

There is no complete cure for diabetes, and the only way to control the chances of diabetes-related complications is through proper diet and daily exercise. However, the appropriate way to control raised glucose levels through diet is not well-known.

Most diabetic patients are confused as to how to manage ‘sugar’ through diet. They do not know the proper quantity and quality of food to be consumed.

How to Prevent Diabetes, Causes and Treatment

I urge the authorities concerned to arrange seminars for diabetic patients where they can be counseled regarding fruit and vegetable consumption in the right quantities. There is a need for awareness about how vegetables should be cooked so that they become a method of lowering cholesterol.

Similarly, people should be educated about the quantity as well as the quality of water to be consumed since kidneys are more vulnerable to damage in diabetic patients. Such seminars could help people live a healthy life with minimal chances of complication.


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