How to Look Younger Naturally with This Anti-aging Homemade Drink


London: Does it makes sense to spend a fortune on these products, or should one embrace aging and age gracefully? Dr. Amber Usman, a cosmetologist, and dermatologist say that over-the-counter cosmetic products are not very useful since the manufacturers are not allowed to use beyond a certain percentage of medication in their formulation.

She says that cosmeceutical products have higher efficacy and reduce aging symptoms by 20 percent to 30 percent. However, most people are happy using cosmetic and over-the-counter imported products as they nonetheless make the skin soft and smooth and are not as expensive as products recommended by dermatologists.

How to Look Younger Naturally with Anti-aging Drink

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Dr. Hamid Zaki, another dermatologist, says that the effectiveness of anti-aging products varies from patient-to-patient depending on their hormonal status and age. He thinks that a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life itself translates into a glowing and radiant skin for women. Many dermatologists would not prescribe an anti-aging product unless a woman asks for one.

Dr. Usman says that women in Asian countries age much earlier as compared to their Western counterparts. There are multiple reasons behind this, such as lesser exposure to sunlight and greater awaæness about diet, beauty, and health in general in the West.

It is also argued that wrinkles and fine lines are not as visible on fair skin as they are visible on medium to dark skin. As such, Dr. Yousuf A. Aziz, another dermatologist, rules out any dermatological reason behind this phenomenon. Dr. Usman, on the other hand, cites various factors such as exposuæ to sunlight, iron, and Vitamin D deficiencies in women, stæss, pollution, and even constipation that exacerbates pre-mature aging of the skin.

She says, due to constipation toxic substances are retained within the body, affecting the skin. Research has also shown that more than the æquired intake of sugary snacks and food speeds up the aging process and affects the skin.