How to Get Flawless and Clear Skin with Natural Whitening Drink Homemade


London: Pakistan may be a little shy when it comes to showing true seasons, but around the world this time of the year, people brace themselves for autumn and the many shades it brings. We may think of autumn is all about falling leaves and a decrease in the intensity of summer heat but leaves are not the only things that shed and lose freshness at this time. The season also brings with it an array of skin problems.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper skincare knowledge, many of us are guilty of following myths to cope with the change in weather. Whether it is general dryness of the skin, irritation, cracked lips or even dehydration, we religiously abide by these myths without giving them a second thought.

Get Flawless Skin with Natural Whitening Drink




But fret not, with the advice of the renowned dermatologist Dr. Khilji Faisal Arif from The Skin Clinic in Karachi, MST helps to debunk a few of the most popular myths. Apply moisturizers religiously – As soon as we encounter dryness, we immediately indulge in richly applying moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated and moist.

However, according to Dr. Khilji, oil-based moisturizers harm the skin in many ways. The abundance of oil clogs our pores, can cause breakouts and make our skin appear dull.

Buy expensive imported products – Being influenced by the products the media has to offer, we often buy expensive imported products as part of our skincare regimen. But these products may not be good for us. “Moisturisers or other skincare products made in a specific country are created according to the skin type of the people living in that region,” informs Dr. Khilji.

As a result, opting for these imported goods is a common mistake among the masses. “In case of severe dryness, water-based moisturizers should be used,” Dr. Khilji says. Moreover, he advises that the only skincare regime people in Pakistan require is the application of a good sunscreen. “Sunscreen lotions not only protect your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun but also act as a mild moisturizer,” he adds.

Drink more water for fresher skin – We are frequently advised to drink water in abundance to have healthy and glowing skin. But it is not just the water that will give you radiant skin – a balanced diet will do wonders for your complexion. “It is true that water is the best of all-natural hydrating agents, but there is a reason why leading researchers stress upon the importance of a balanced diet,” adds Dr. Khilji.

You Are What You Eat!

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, our diet is often lacking fresh vegetables and fruits. We’ve shunned red meat and devour chicken as our primary source of protein. However, we need to understand that healthy skin demands a complete lifestyle transformation and smarter dietary choices.