Wood Furniture Cleaning Secrets! How to Clean Wooden Furniture


how to clean wood furniture at home


Your dadi jaan’s chair, table and dresser that have been passed on to you are some of your most prized possessions. With intricate carving on wood and classy designs, these furniture pieces could lose their essence due to daily wear and tear.

What is not known to many is that the way these vintage are pieces treated must be different from the way modern pieces are. As compiled from antiquesworld.co.uk, here are five tips that will help you preserve antique wooden furniture. Avoid placing antique wooden furniture in direct sunlight and other mediums of heat, which could loosen glued joints, veneers, inlays and marquetry. So, keep your furniture away from heating and air-conditioning vents, radiators or stoves.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture at Home

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