Hormonal Imbalance Treatment: Why Your Hormones are Out of Whack


London: According to Melbourne-based fertility expert and author of Beautiful You, Nat Kringoudis, our hormones are our ultimate ‘life hack’. ‘They control everything from when we wake and sleep, our menstrual cycles, moods and how we digest,’ Nat said.

According to Nat, when your hormones are out of balance, you may experience issues with all sorts of things – from your menstrual cycle to your mood. ‘We may find our appetite is out of control and everything is harder,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

Hormonal Imbalance Causes and Treatment

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Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

‘On the contrary, when our hormones are balanced, our body works with less effort. It’s simple to see, our hormones really need us on their side, to do what we can to support them.’

So how can you support your hormones?

Firstly, Nat said it’s all about re-assessing your attitudes towards sleep, diet, and exercise. This is where the 8 x 8 x 8 rule comes into play. ‘That is eight hours of work, eight hours of play and eight hours of rest,’ Nat said.

If you roughly subscribe to this, you’ll automatically feel more balanced. Then, it’s all about tweaking your diet and exercise so that your hormones are more in sync. ‘An ideal day on a plate for your hormones includes plenty of fat and proteins, as this is what hormones are made from,’ Nat said.

‘Raw and cold foods are best kept to a minimum as they are difficult to digest and can lead to a host of issues including bloating and pain.’ She added that if you have polycystic ovaries, then dairy isn’t ideal, while if you struggle with endometriosis then gluten isn’t for you.

‘A plate with quality protein as well as whole foods and plants is ideal,’ she said. ‘And never underestimate the benefits of an avocado!’. The next thing to think about when ‘hacking’ your hormones is to re-think your attitude to stress in general.

‘Stress is the all-time biggest contributor to hormone imbalance yet it is everywhere,’ Nat said. ‘A simple technique I ask my patients is to really ask yourself if your stress is warranted. Sure, if we receive bad news or something happens to a loved one it totally warrants stress.

‘But running late for school pickup or feeling overwhelmed by too much to do shouldn’t actually tip us over.’ Getting conscious around stress, Nat said, and choosing better decisions around it will help in this regard.

Nat also said it’s important to ‘know your triggers and manage them’. ‘For me, lack of sleep, flying and that special little window before my pending period are all times that my skin can go a little haywire. ‘So it’s in these times that I need to step it up with good nutrition and quality filtered water.’

Finally, it’s all about plugging your diet and life full of things that will make you feel better and getting rid of inflammatory foods and the other triggers that push you out of balance.

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