Hair Growth: Make Your Hair Grow Faster with These Super Foods


London: Are you sick of dry, brittle hairs that need to be chopped every time you try to grow them out? Have you always imagined yourself with a long, lustrous mane but never really achieved it? Well then, look no further. Ms T is here with a list of foods to stimulate hair growth and give you those luscious locks you have always dreamt of!

Whether you are trying to recover your locks from a misguided haircut or simply wish to have longer hair, you may have a hard time waiting for the desired length. Trust us, we’ve all been there. Nothing tests one’s patience like growing hair does!

Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Luckily, concentrating on your hair growth can actually get great results, especially when you invest in some strategic eating. Ms T has shortlisted seven foods which will not only help you lengthen your locks but also give them strength and stimulate the growth of new hair. Read on for hair that just begs to be touched.

Salmon: Besides being loaded with proteins and Vitamin D — both of which are essential for strong hair — salmon and other cold water fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids which our hair needs to grow. These fatty acids are found in the cell membranes and natural oil of the scalp and extra doses from salmon replenish these, thereby stimulating hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy.

Eggs: Rich in zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron, egg yolk helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles and also contain biotin which promotes growth. A word of warning though: remember, it is the egg yolk and not the whites which make the hair long and strong. Over consumption of egg whites has been found to block absorption of biotin and other minerals into the body, leading to hair loss and other health issues.

Sweet potatoes: This delicious vegetable contains large amounts of beta carotene which is converted into Vitamin A upon entering the human body and enhances the scalp and quality of existing hair. Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of all cells in the body and also sustains the natural oils produced by our scalp. Sweet potatoes are an excellent remedy for itchy scalps and dandruff as well.

Dry fruits: These nuts make hair grow faster and thicker owing to the high levels of biotin and Vitamin E present in them and shield hair against DNA damage and UV rays. Walnuts have also been proven to have copper, a mineral that maintains the richness of natural hair colour adds shine and keeps them soft and lustrous. One cup of these nuts comprise nearly one-third of the average daily requirements and can be added to every food like salads and even curries, etc. If consumed regularly, one should be able to see a difference in hair growth within a month or two.

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