Home Remedy for Hair Growth Treatments and Stop Hair Loss


Simple Home Remedy To Double Your Hair Growth, Stop Hair Loss

Excess of broken hair on your pillow or on comb when brushing should immediately alert you. Firstly, try to assess whether the extent of hair loss exceeds the allowable limits: it is considered normal to shed from 50 to 100 hairs a day, which are safely replaced with new ones.


Such a self-test is quite time consuming, since it is desirable to calculate the number of broken hair for several days. But if at the end of the experiment you find that the average number of broken hair exceeds 150, it is time to consider getting medical help.

Causes of Hair Loss: There are two main reasons why people suddenly begin to catastrophically lose hair: external factors and genetic predisposition.

Hair Growth Treatments and Stop Hair Loss


External factors include improper diet, hormonal imbalance, inadequate intake of iron, as well as deficiency of zinc, selenium and other trace elements, chronic and infectious diseases, disorders of the endocrine system, certain drugs. Also, frequent dyeing, blow-drying and straightening as well as application of toxic hair care products also negatively affects the health of hair.

Make it a habit to massage your scalp with good quality oil for 20 minutes before shampooing at least once a week. It will not only strengthen weak and brittle hair, but enhance scalp skin blood circulation as well. We might have heard it a zillion times from our grannies but even today it remains true that regular oiling can help reduce dryness and prevent impairment of our hair. Avoid excessive oiling; just a small quantity, worked in evenly from roots to tips, is enough.

Eating a balanced, healthy diet is important for a lot of reasons, and it really benefits your hair. To minimise hair loss, we must include green, leafy vegetables, raw oats, and whole grain cereals, eggs, dates and raisins in our daily food regimen. As hair is mainly composed of protein, protein-rich foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese, lentils, etc. should also be part of our menu. And make sure to include in your diet vitamins A, B and E that help in the growth of healthy hair.


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