Grow Your Hair Faster and Have Long Beautiful Hair with Home Remedy

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London: There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting long hair after you’ve just chopped it all off for a chic blunt bob. And while resorting to extensions is a fast way of restoring instant length, they rarely look as good as the real thing. Australian trichologist and ‘hair doctor’ David Salinger told Mamamia that under the right conditions, hair should grow as much as 1.25 centimeters a month.

Here, he and naturopath Annalies Corse explain the factors that might be affecting hair growth and what you can do to help grow your locks fast. How diet affects your hair: Hair is made from high-sulfur protein [keratin] – a protein source that’s found explicitly in meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.

Grow Your Hair Faster and Have Long Beautiful Hair


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In my clinical experience, the best hair-growth occurs when people consume some animal-based foods in their diet,’ Ms. Corse told the publication. She explains animal-based protein contains nine essential amino acids our body isn’t able to make. These are found in red meat, poultry, and seafood.

Eggs are also a rich source of sulfur-based proteins and are an ideal choice for hair growers, Ms. Corse adds. This can be a slight problem for vegans as plant-based proteins don’t contain these essential amino acids. A combined vegetarian diet can help in terms of consuming high-sulfur protein foods.

Hormones can affect hair growth:

If your hair doesn’t appear to be growing at the suggested rate, a visit to your doctor to rule out any hormone problems may be in order. Tests to consider asking for include thyroid function, adrenal gland function, and ovarian function. Also, certain types of oral contraceptives can be harmful to your hair, explains Ms. Coarse, especially if you have inherited genetics for female pattern hair loss. via dailymail

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