Grow Hair Faster with Onion: Get Long and Thicker Hair in a Month



Sweet Potatoes: This delicious vegetable contains large amounts of beta carotene which is converted into Vitamin A upon entering the human body and enhances the scalp and quality of existing hair.


Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of all cells in the body and also sustains the natural oils produced by our scalp. Sweet potatoes are an excellent remedy for itchy scalps and dandruff as well.

Dry fruits: These nuts make hair grow faster and thicker owing to the high levels of biotin and Vitamin E present in them and shield hair against DNA damage and UV rays. Walnuts have also been proven to have copper, a mineral which maintains the richness of natural hair color adds shine and keeps them soft and lustrous.

Get Long and Thicker Hair in a Month


One cup of these nuts comprise nearly one-third of the average daily requirements and can be added to every food like salads and even curries, etc. If consumed regularly, one should be able to see a difference in hair growth within a month or two.

Yogurt: Cruise the dairy aisle at your local supermarket for low-fat yogurt or buy it from your neighborhood doodh-wala. It doesn’t matter where you get it from so long as you treat yourself to the magical food, rich in hair-friendly proteins, vitamins like B5 and D and natural moisturizers to hydrate your scalp and keep it healthy.

If you are not a fan of plain yogurt, invest in cups of flavored yogurt and get started on your hair repair regime. The best thing about yogurt is that it can also be applied to the hair directly to counter dry and dull hair, dandruff and brittle ends.

Lentils: For those who don’t know, the lentil is an edible pulse grown for its lens-shaped seeds for essential foods, like daal and beans. Although tiny in size, lentils are full of protein, biotin, zinc, and iron, making them highly advantageous for hair growth and the overall health of the human body.

The lentil family includes channay, kidney beans, lobia (black-eyed peas) and even soybeans, etc., all of which stimulate the hair follicles and encourage growth. Toss the beans into a soup or salad or stick to everyone’s favorite daal chaawal but be sure to give lentils a shot for a healthy, rejuvenated mane.


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