Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Permanently in Just 5 Minutes at Home



Treatment may require less than 40 hours to more than 700. The cost per session is higher in the early weeks but in the later sessions the cost decreases considerably. The duration of sessions decreases with each sitting as the hair become weaker, hence the sessions become shorter and shorter and more spaced out until they stop altogether.


People who opt for electrolysis should always use a qualified and experienced electrologist with professional ethics and knowledge to recognise one’s medical problems if any.

She must tell you that if the excessive hair growth is due to any underlying medical condition electrolysis alone will not be of any benefit unless you seek medical help for your problem. If professionally done, electrolysis leaves your skin scar-free and your electrologist must prove it with her expertise; don’t trust her otherwise.

Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Permanently


Unfortunately, this profession has been taken up by many unqualified and unscrupulous people in our country, for the sake of minting money. They are not sufficiently trained to use the delicate techniques involved in the procedure, as a result they are damaging the clients’ skin and creating a perception that scarring is part of this treatment. In developed countries, by law, no electrologist can practice without proper training, passing the exams and being certified by the beautician and cosmetology boards.

In Pakistan there are very few qualified electrologists who are operating only in some big cities and are charging exorbitant amounts. Most of the beauty parlours are using threading and waxing in the absence of qualified electrologists or because the charges are unaffordable.

One wishes that there were more qualified people performing electrolysis so that more women can benefit from the procedure. With the increase of qualified operators and availability of electrolysis machines and accessories (not available in the market now) more women will be able to benefit from the procedure at a much lower price.


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