Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally: White Hair to Black Permanently in 7 Days with Potato Peel



Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally – According to Dr Zarnaz Wahid, Chairperson Department of Dermatology, Dow University of Health Sciences, “Genes and ailments like autoimmune conditions, connective tissue disorders and chronic diseases are the basic causes for early greying.


However, these days other factors are also at play such as overexposure of hair to sunlight and pollution (not to mention the toxins in the air we breathe all the time); excessive use of any kinds of hair products might also contribute to this problem as does stress. A nutritionally deficient diet can also be a factor as it will not provide the body with the nutrients that are necessary in order to maintain the health of the hair”.

Research shows that smoking may be another major cause of premature greying. Smokers are four times more prone to early greying (1996 British Medical Journal) and the data on women’s health by WHO reveals that smoking trends in young females in developing countries are increasing rapidly; women face more difficulty in quitting smoking as compared to men and nicotine replacement therapy might be less useful for women.

Moreover, women are more prone to stress as compared to men according to a study conducted at University of Cincinnati, Department of Psychiatry in 2005.

White Hair to Black Permanently in 7 Days with Potato Peel

Take more whole grains, cereals, meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, lentils, beans and seafood in your diet for protein. Eat vegetables and take fresh fruit juices and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Multivitamins and mineral supplements can also be taken but only after consulting your doctor. Avoid smoke, dust, pollution and stress as far as possible. But if in spite of these precautions, your genes force you to premature greying, accept your silver strands as a symbol of wisdom and wear them with grace.


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