Get Fair, Spotless and Glass Skin with 3 Days Full Body Whitening Formula


London: A new book written by the women who first brought Korean skincare to Europe aims to shatter the biggest myths around beauty. The three founders of Korean beauty brand Miin – Lilin Yang, Leah Ganse and Sara Jiménez – say the book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to trying to help people achieve the perfect skin.

The book claims to explain how to use such products for maximum results and what to avoid in order to achieve the coveted Korean glow. Watch the following video for glass and shinning skin.

Get Fair, Spotless and Glass Skin


Here, Femail highlights some of the advice offered on key products:


One of the beauty commandments of Korean Skincare is to perform a two-step cleansing ritual, starting with an oil-based cleanser before moving on to a water-based one.

While the oil helps make sure all traces of make-up are gone, you shouldn’t limit to just one type, with flax, onagri and sunflower seed oils just as effective as olive or coconut oil, the experts explain.

They also add that oils are great for all skin types, including oily and combination skin. They nourish dry and mature skin, they actually reduce sebum production in oily skin and they are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

And after a good night’s sleep? Cleanse again. The Korean Skincare Bible also states you have to use a cleansing oil in the morning as well as the evening in order to keep skin glowing.


Cleaning your face with a gentle soap is a very good way to get rid of make-up, perspiration, and impurities, say the book’s writers. But those of us wishing to save some time in the morning should think twice before reaching for the cleanser in the shower.

Water from the shower is actually too hot, and the pressure is too strong. It’s best to use the sink instead, the experts say. And they insist that, contrary to popular belief, water-based cleansers won’t dry out your skin. While some poor quality cosmetics might do so, a carefully selected cleanser will leave your skin clean and nurtured.


The three experts explain that toner is meant to hydrate the skin and balance its pH levels. How acidic your skin is can lead to varied and different skin issues. For example, too low a pH can lead to irritation, redness or acne. And too high a pH can cause dryness and flaking, which is why a pH should be completely balanced.

If you have sensitive skin, the experts note, use your fingers to apply the toner, as a cotton pad can sometimes exfoliate the skin and irritate it. The three women are adamant that a good toner doesn’t need to sting to be efficient. On the contrary, a toner should hydrate the skin and leave it dewy.


The serum is a good solution if you want to address a topical issue such as wrinkles or imperfections, the experts explain. This particular beauty product is water-based and its small molecules are perfect for penetrating the skin and pores quickly and deeply.

A serum is best applied with your fingers, on your forehead, cheeks, and chin – with gentle massage the best way to do it. While the experts say they’ve heard many people complain that serum didn’t last long enough to justify the high price, they argue that if used properly, these kinds of products should last a long time.

They explain that the formula in the bottles is extremely concentrated and that four drops per use should be enough to achieve the results you want.

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