No More Frizzy Hair: Natural Hair Straightening at Home Permanently


Frizzy Hair


Dubai: Hair-styling has never been so easy. Hair-straightening products have given countless women the power to style their tresses according to different trends. But do we know the cost of the damage to our hair and, more importantly, our health?

Canada’s Federal health agency, Health Canada, has expanded its list of hair-straightening products which should be prohibited as they contain excessive levels of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde, commonly used in some hair-straightening products, is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical widely used to make resins for household items, such as paper product coatings, plastics, synthetic fibers and it is also commonly used in nail polish and nail polish removers.

Frizzy Hair – Natural Hair Straightening at Home


However, the report emphasized that this did not mean that these substances would cause cancer in itself. The amount and duration of exposure and susceptibility to content were among the many factors that affected whether a person developed cancer.

These professional grade products are available in hair salons but are typically not available for sale to the public. Health Canada said it had received complaints of burning eyes, nose and throat, breathing difficulties and hair loss associated with the use of professional hair-smoothing products.

The health agency has advised stylists to stop using the products and is working with distributors to stop the sale of the solutions. Health Canada’s updated list of products identified during testing includes Keratin Complex Express Blowout, Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Mint), Veloce by La Brasiliana, Zero (Apple) by La Brasiliana and Moroccan Hair Treatment by Inoar.

The Brazilian Blowout, the costly, frizz-free hair treatment preferred by celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, has recently been under scrutiny by government officials for containing up to 12 percent formaldehyde. The highest formaldehyde content in the tested products was 2.84 percent, while the lowest was 0.35 percent. Cosmetics in Canada are permitted to contain up to 0.2 percent formaldehyde for use as a preservative.

It’s time now, ladies, to realize what is essential and concentrate on your health. Make sure you use products which are not harmful and contain minimum amounts of formaldehyde. Also, remember that you are unique, and it isn’t necessary to be like everyone else with straight poker hair. After all, beauty is as beauty does. via tribunepk

No More Frizzy Hair: Natural Hair Straightening at Home Permanently


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