Reduce Weight and Belly Fat Fast with Homemade Fat Burner Tea




Islamabad: If you seriously want to get rid of fat and develop the fabled six pack, you will have to stop eating unhealthy foods. Not everyone would have an arrangement for home-cooked meals. For example, a bachelor living alone in a studio apartment; who does not know how to cook, has no option but to eat oily, unhygienic bazaari khanay. For such people, cooking might be a challenging skill to learn. Some might have cooking skills but have no time for it. Others would have their reasons to eat junk food.

The first recipe is simple and requires just three instruments — a small knife, a pan, and a glass or a cup. This should be made after getting up and taken without eating or drinking anything else. It should be your first intake of the day — a remarkable morning drink. Just warm 300ml of water and squeeze a lemon in it.

Fat Burner Tea to Reduce Weight and Belly Fat Fast


The lemon must be big enough to release two tablespoons of juice. Don’t add sugar. You can add black salt [kala namak] to enhance the taste. Lemon has rich amount of vitamin C. It keeps your skin fresh, and the warm lemon water burns fat fast. It speeds up digestion and flushes out the body wastes.

Between lunch and dinner, you must eat fruit or two cucumbers again. The ideal fruit these days could be watermelon. It would save you from dehydration and decrease your appetite. Your last meal — dinner — should be extremely light. You can either have a cup of same lentils as soup or have a banana or mango shake. You can also take tom yum soup as dinner and the recipe is simple.

Make half a liter green tea of lemon grass and add 8-10 sliced mushrooms, salt to taste, a teaspoon of fish sauce and a cup of chicken stock that you can buy from a good grocery store; a teaspoon each of chili sauce, soya sauce and oyster sauce. You can also add some spring onions. Cook all the ingredients to boil and the soup is ready. Clear vegetable soup is also a healthy dinner but its recipe is slightly difficult and lengthy. You will have to prepare vegetable stock first of all.

Combine these recipes with a workout that burns 450 calories every day, i.e. one-hour brisk walk + 30 minutes power workout and you are bound to lose at least 3kg of fat.


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