Facial Hair: Types of Hairs You Should and Should NOT Be Plucking


London: More than half of all women are concerned about excess body hair, ranking it just behind weight gain for body dissatisfaction. It’s estimated that one in ten women suffers from excess facial and body hair – and spend hours laboriously plucking, shaving, waxing and dyeing.

And whilst it might seem quick and easy to whip out the tweezers and pluck a stray hair, experts say there’s a very precise guide to plucking different types of hairs, which they’ve shared with FEMAIL.

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Grey hairs: It may be tempting to pluck a sprouting grey hair but expert Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru, says there are zero benefits to plucking newly found grey hairs. ‘Using hairdressing scissors is a much safer option if you want to get rid of any grey hairs,’ she advises.

She explains that plucking can hurt the hair follicle, which can cause serious damage to your hair because a message is sent to the hair follicle that there is no need for it to produce hair in this area which can then cause bald spots.

‘Plucking grey hairs from your head is one of the worst beauty habits you can have,’ she said. ‘It can ruin the texture of your hair, you can damage your scalp, it may thin your hair for good and, most importantly, it doesn’t get rid of grey hairs! ‘They won’t necessarily grow back thicker but it won’t get rid of them for good.’

Eyebrows: Sam explains that plucking is not damaging for your eyebrows and can often help with the shape and feel of them. However, it is important not to over-pluck this area as hairs don’t always grow back due to trauma caused to the hair follicle; this means you could risk permanently losing your natural eyebrows forever.

‘Use different methods such as waxing and threading to create your preferred shape,’ she suggests. ‘Also remember to give your eyebrows a break to allow them to recover. There are great eyebrow gels and make-ups to help you get Cara worthy eyebrows.’

Beard hairs: Sam says that using tweezers to pluck out beard hairs can cause the skin underneath to be irritated and leave you more likely to suffer from ingrown hairs and infections. ‘Electrolysis is the most beneficial way of getting rid of facial hairs,’ she said. ‘Also, plucking hairs from your nose can cause a lot of harm to the skin.

‘Strangely enough, there is an area on the face known as the ‘triangle of death’ – it’s not as dramatic as it sounds – but the bridge of your nose down to your upper lip is closer to your brain, which makes getting infections in this triangle more dangerous than getting a cut on your knee.’ via dailymail

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