Easy Smoothie Recipes: Best Homemade Healthy Energy Drinks




Islamabad: Brace yourselves, Pakistanis. If Nasa reports are to be believed, this will be one of the hottest, driest Ramazan the country has ever seen. This means you need to be well hydrated, and eat a balanced nutritious Sehri and Iftar so that your energy levels do not sink and make you dysfunctional during your fast.

A well-rounded diet is needed. Instead of a table laden with less nutritious food choices, let us try and opt for quality rather than quantity… lesser but tastier and more nutritious dishes.

So even if you continue with a bit of the samosa pakora binges, here are 15 suggestions from The Express Tribune that will give you considerable energy boosts. Happy Fasting!

Easy Smoothie Recipes and Energy Drink

Yogurt smoothies and home-made fruit yogurt

Yes, yogurt makes a re-entry on the list. This season has the biggest variety of fruits. So go for yogurt-based smoothies with peaches, mangoes, cherries, and apricots. Chop the same fruits for a healthier variety and whip them into some sweetened yogurt.

TIP: Add a dash of jelly powder and jelly cubes and see the result.

Here is how you can prepare a quick, custom smoothie to meet your nutritional needs.

Flat Tummy

This smoothie has digestion supporting ingredients that help prevent flatulence, bloating and digestive stress that can impair your tummy flattening efforts.

1 cup peaches (sliced)

1 cup papaya

3/4 pear (sliced)

1 tbsp ginger (fresh)

Mint leaves (few)

Water (as per requirement)

Energy Booster

This smoothie contains lots of protein and minerals that make it a super energy charger. Cinnamon helps control blood sugar level that means no sudden energy crashes.

1 large banana (ripe)

1 tbsp peanut butter (natural)

Handful of baby spinach (fresh)

1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

Water (as per requirement)

Smoothies retain many healthy nutrients which are often lost when extracting juice from various fruits and vegetables. They also make for a potent, natural detoxifying agent that helps your liver detoxify quickly and naturally.


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