Diabetes Treatment: The Delicious Yay To Beat Diabetes at Home


London: Professor Roy Taylor’s simple three-stage eating plan – and deliciously nutritious recipes – could keep you diabetes-free for life Around 3.5 million people in the UK are now living with type 2 diabetes, and that number is rising all the time. While scientists struggle to find safe and effective drug combinations to limit the impact of the disease, the answer for many could lie in a super-simple diet plan.

Diabetes Treatment: I have devised a brilliant three-stage process that has been proven, in hundreds of cases, to put type 2 diabetes into remission, getting you off the drugs, free from side-effects, and life-limiting consequences of the disease.

The Delicious Yay To Beat Diabetes

Diabetes Diet, Diagnoses and Diabetes Treatment with Home Remedy


Better still, it could keep you diabetes-free for life. First you need to lose weight rapidly. Around 15kg or 2 ½ stone is the magic number in terms of how much weight to lose to trigger diabetes reversal, but if you are not particularly overweight aim for 15 percent of your body weight instead. Second, you slowly return to ordinary eating; then you learn how to eat healthily long term.

As a specialist on the link between diet and type 2 diabetes, I have spent 30 years researching what happens to the food you eat. It was my work that inspired Dr Michael Mosley to reverse his own diabetes diagnosis, as you will read in The Mail on Sunday today. My book Life Without Diabetes explains the science behind why type 2 diabetes happens and how the 1,2,3 approach can keep it at bay.

In this recipe pullout you’ll find delicious, nutritious meal ideas that will see you sailing through my plan. For the first key stage I recommend swapping breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three nutritionally complete shakes and soups (which total 600 calories) and enjoying a small plate of salad or vegetables (around 100 calories; see the following four pages for inspiration) for fiber and crunch.

The great news is, you don’t have to radically transform your body shape and work tirelessly to fit into size ten jeans. We have discovered that diabetes is a personal thing, and as long as you lose enough weight to take you below your own personal fat threshold (the point at which your body can no longer retain fat under the skin safely and begins to store it in your internal organs) you should start to reverse the processes that led to you getting type 2 diabetes. A simple blood sugar test will confirm this.

So stage one is all about getting your weight down fast, then stage two focuses on gradually reintroducing ordinary foods. That’s when you can start experimenting with the healthy dinners, lunches and breakfast ideas. Finally, the third stage of this plan puts the emphasis on keeping your weight steady long term by eating healthily and keeping portion sizes small.

If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or you are concerned that you might be at risk, I urge you to give this plan a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but diabetes – and healthy and happy life to potentially gain

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