How to Convert Grey Hair To Black Naturally Using 1 Kitchen Ingredient


Grey Hair into black


London: Shiny, thick and healthy locks of hair are everyone`s dream. Many people take great care of their skincare but tend to ignore their hair, failing to realize that your expensive outfit and glowing skin will lose their appeal if your hair looks bad. If you want healthy, it needs a proper care regimen.

Two most common problems are hair loss and grey hair, but both are preventable to some extent if you take some measures well in time. Hair health and eating habits are directly correlated to each other. Are you eating fresh and healthy? Take some time out to know what you should eat for gray hair and hair loss.

Food for prematurely graying hair: Gray hair often causes embarrassment if` it appears at an early age and leaves no choice but to dye your hair. There are certain foods that can help if your hair follicles stop making pigment at an early age.

Convert Grey Hair To Black Naturally


Mushrooms and grey hair: A great way to fight against grey hair is eating mushrooms. Mushrooms help prevent white hair from spreading by helping hair follicles to create pigment. It is a popular remedy in China.

Beef liver for black hair: Copper and folic acid deficiencies in the body are a major cause of premature graying of hair. Beef liver is rich in copper and zinc. Both these elements are remarkable for premature grey hair. Eat cow liver thrice a week and enjoyblack and shiny hair.

Chicken boosts B12: Deficiency of Vitamin B12 does not only leads to premature white hair but causes other health issues too. Along with eggs and milk, chicken can really boost B12 levels in your body.

Go green: Eat as much green vegetables as possible for prevention of gray hair because they are an easy natural source of folic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12. Try to include leafy vegetables in their rawform in your daily diet.


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