Cesarean Delivery: How to Have Baby with Normal Delivery without C-Section




Cesarean deliveries may be at an all-time high around the world but are they really worth it? These days, it seems like everyone has had or knows someone who has undergone a C-section during childbirth. According to Women’s Health Magazine, the US witnessed a 60% spike in cesarean delivery rates between 1996 and 2009, alone.

More and more women seem to be opting for the surgical procedure without any obvious need for it. But as it turns out, streamlining one’s delivery process prior to time isn’t always a safe bet.

In a nutshell, a C-section involves making an incision in the patient’s abdominal wall so as to retrieve the baby from the uterus. It may sound simple but in reality, the procedure entails many risks and complications which put both the patient and baby at risk. For starters, the laceration made into the expecting mother exposes her to airborne bacteria, which can ultimately lead to infections.

Baby with Normal Delivery without C-Section

There is also a greater chance of excessive bleeding, blood clots and accidental injuries to surrounding organs, such as the bowels or bladder. The recovery period also varies between normal and cesarean births with a maximum of two weeks required for the former. Patients undergoing C-sections, on the other hand, sometimes take up to six weeks to heal satisfactorily.

You might’ve known all about cesarean deliveries or even undergone one yourself but did you know that April is the designated Cesarean Awareness Month, sponsored by the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN)? A non-profit promoting maternal-child health, ICAN initiated this in order to highlight the increasing number of C-sections being performed in the US and to promote sound medical facilities across the world, through education and support.


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