Cavities and Tooth Decay Symptoms and Treatment of Wisdom Teeth Pain


Cavities and Tooth Decay


Cavities and Tooth Decay – Talking about dental problems, caries is the most common tooth disease. A focal degradation of inorganic components of teeth in the oral cavity; it is an irreversible disease. Dental cavities (tooth decay) are the most prevalent chronic disease in the Pakistan.

Dentist Dr Ghulam Akbar said: “Most people think that diseases related to teeth are unimportant. We have to create awareness because those without teeth are unable to enjoy life.” He said dental caries were age related, and the average number of affected teeth is almost 18 by the age of 65.

After you eat, the bacteria in the mouth go crazy over the sugar on your teeth, like ants at a picnic. They break the sugar down into acids and cause a film of bacteria to stick to your teeth. This film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth is called plaque. It eats away the tooth enamel and causes cavities and tooth decay. Enamel is a tough substance that acts a barrier and protects the inside part of the teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Pain Treatment

If you don’t take care of your teeth at this age, you might lose your teeth when you grow up. After that, the only option is to go through lengthy, expensive and painful procedures at the dentist’s clinic to get an artificial tooth. Of course, an artificial tooth is not very desirable as it is expensive and the procedure is painful.

Cleaning your teeth twice a day should be part of your daily hygiene. Many children don’t give importance to oral hygiene at this age. But you should realise that teeth are a precious gift of God that require proper care and maintenance.


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