Burn Your Belly Fat and Reduce Your Extra Body Weight with THIS Remedy


Burn Your Belly Fat and Reduce Your Extra Body Weight


London: It can be hard to lose weight – and don’t we all know it. But don’t be disheartened if diet and exercise haven’t helped you battle your bulge. A nutritionist has revealed his three tips that could allow you to take those extra pounds off your hips without much effort.

And the tips from London-based Rick Hay, shared with Healthista, include adding cinnamon to your porridge and eating more broccoli.

Cravings are often the downfall of successful weight loss. We could have been to the gym, eaten a healthy breakfast but then the office biscuit tin is refilled, and those Hobnobs and Custard Creams are calling your name.

Burn Belly Fat and Reduce Body Weight


Cravings not only aid to the difficulties of losing weight but can also affect you mentally. When we give in to those cravings, we think of ourselves as weak, and so we give up and eat more of those office biscuits. So what if we could lessen or stop those cravings?

The answer is chromium. In fact, ‘chromium is key where cravings are concerned,’ said Mr. Hay. Glycemic control is a medical term referring to a steady state of blood sugar (glucose) in the body.

Chromium improves glycaemic control through its action on our insulin receptors – insulin is the hormone the body uses to process glucose. Excess glucose not processed properly will be converted to fat and stored in tissues not suitable for fat storage.

It essentially means that chromium can keep our blood sugar levels steady, stopping them from spiking, which is what causes those nagging cravings and possible weight gain.


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