Breast Cancer Treatment, Symptoms, Causes and Signs: Dr Rufina Soomro


Dr Rufina Soomro, Breast Care Consultant, revealed, “The highest rates of incidences in Asia have been reported in Pakistan, hence making it the most common cancer in the country.”


“In the West, with the help of screening tests, women are diagnosed at stage 1. Whereas in Pakistan, less than 10% of women are diagnosed at stage 1 due to lack of awareness and adequate health services,” she added.

Dr Rufina also emphasised on having a professional examination done once a month. “Because any difference you notice may not be a cancer. Almost 90% of the time the lump is non-cancerous,” she said.

Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment – Dr. Rufina Soomro

BREAST CANCER Awareness Documentary


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