Boost Your Memory, Brain Power and Concentration with THIS Natural Recipe



Just like we need exercise to keep our body fit, we also need to do things that help to exercise the brain as well as give it a power boost. And the more we use our brain, the sharper it gets. So besides all the other plans you have lined up during the holidays, how about including some simple and easy things in your routine that will make you smarter and sharper.


Drink lots of water

A STUDY in Journal of Nutrition shows that compared to thirsty people, reaction times increased by 14 per cent in a better-hydrated group. Even mild dehydration can suck the resources from your brain. So besides other benefits of drinking water, you are doing your brain a lot of good this way.

A nap to remember

A NAP of just 40 minutes has shown to improve memory during a research by German scientists. They explained that short-term memories are stored in a part of the brain called hippocampus, and are easily lost. Sleeping somehow tends to transfer the new memories to the brain’s neocortex, which stores them more permanently.

Improve Focus and Boost Brain Power

De-stress to improve memory

DO you always forget where you kept your things and what your mother told you to do? Maybe you are stressed, as most short-term memory loss is stress-related. Multitasking and being constantly stressed puts a lot of pressure on the brain and it can find it difficult to move from one thing to another. So in order to make sure you remember something, you need to concentrate on it more, keeping other thoughts away for a while.

All these things practised during these holidays are sure to make you smarter and are also fun, and you can continue with them too when school reopens to boost your brain power all year though. Happy holidays!


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