Best Ways to Deal with Your Naughty Child

Web Desk: Raising every child is not always easy, but you can employ some of the golden rules to connect with these disobedient and naughty kids. According to the Theory of Games for Parents, classic strategy of game theory will help teach children to come to fair agreements on their own, make them more obedient and help them to build friendly relationships with their parents.

Here are 5 tips that can help parents to deal with the most stubborn children through playing together.

A child doesn’t want to get dressed

Instead of disputing, start playing. If he/she refuses to get dressed, ask her to put their clothes on blindfolded.

A child doesn’t want to have breakfast

If they refuse to have breakfast, keep them company. Suggest them to count how many spoons of cereal are left. In this way, you can be sure that they won’t even notice how they ate the whole bowl.

A child doesn’t want to eat soup, but wouldn’t mind having candy for lunch

If your child want to have something else in lunch, offer them as a prize but after they finished what you cooked before. This will put all their effort into eating lunch in a hurry, just to enjoy the surprise.

This compromise allows your child to cooperate.

A child doesn’t want to be punished for bad behavior

If a child misbehaved, talk to them as an adult, explain why they are guilty, and why they deserve punishment. Make a business proposal, that the child either pay a fine from their savings or wash dishes for a week. Let them have the right to choose.

Emotional and psychological abuse is never a right way to deal with it.

A child refuses to walk with their parents

If a child stopped in the middle of the street or refuse to hold your hands, then convince them to continue your walk and let the child play the role of the parents.

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