Best Teeth Whitening Tips: How To Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home


London: In the old day’s people resorted to scrub their teeth with ground material, so that the granules of coal, for being rough, clean the teeth. But these granules also removed part of the outer tooth layer — Enamel and may be responsible for oral cancer. With the advent of technology, more scientific and safe techniques are at hand to serve the purpose.

Hygiene is essential and should not be negated in any case. Always brush your teeth twice a day or even after meals, use floss and mouthwash to keep your mouth clean on a daily basis. Make sure you visit a dentist and schedule regular dental check-ups for good oral health.

How To Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home




Remove Tartar and Plaque From Teeth

If you have yellow or tinted teeth, here is a quick solution using baking soda and lemon that you can leave on for a few minutes to achieve the Hollywood star smile. Follow our tips on how to achieve and maintain good oral health.

Process of teeth whitening? The provided technology for teeth whitening, especially the front teeth by bleaching materials composed mainly of Hydrogen Peroxide 30% and Carbamide Peroxide 10% available in the form of gel, which is applied to the teeth and after that an insulating arbitrator is placed on the gums to protect them from the impact of bleaching article, which is irritant to the gums.

Then the teeth are exposed to light which activates the applied gel, leading to an Oxidative reaction where the liberated radicals of Oxygen in the bleaching material remove colored particles from Teeth Port and Dentin, which gives teeth their natural white color.

A whitening session can last from one to two hours in the clinic and should be repeated in 6 months or a year, as the result is affected by the person’s daily habits, such as the type of food and drink one takes, as well as his smoking habit.

Response to the procedure: Teeth with gray or dark yellow color respond slowly to the process as compared to less Yellow teeth and so whitening may require more sessions.

There are people who do not respond to bleaching at all. About 40% of celebrities opt for chemical bleaching but that has to be repeated after short intervals, while another 40% resort to the use of Dental lenses, which comparatively stays for a longer duration.