How to Avoid The Six Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes


London: A leading fitness author has shared the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and revealed just how to tackle them. Joe Warner, 38, a training expert who has appeared on the cover of Men’s Fitness, spoke to FEMAIL and explained that too many people focus on cutting out carbohydrates, doing cardio, and ditching all ‘bad’ food groups.

To make the journey more successful, he suggests eating carbohydrates around your workouts, focusing on HIIT weight training instead of going for a jog and limiting treats such as ice cream and burgers instead of cutting them out completely.

Avoid The Six Weight Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes

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He said of his tips: ‘I constantly see people making the same eating, exercise, and lifestyle mistakes, which is severely hampering their efforts to lose weight and get back in shape.

‘My myth-busting advice contains a lot of instantly-applicable advice and info that people looking for a 2020 overhaul should find hugely beneficial.’

The Problem: Carbs have replaced fats as the number one perceived reason for the global obesity crisis, and almost anyone who wants to lose weight starts by saying: ‘I’m cutting out carbs’.

While it’s true there are no ‘essential’ carbohydrates – unlike with protein (essential amino acids) and fats (essential fatty acids) – carbs are an incredibly efficient energy source. Many types contain essential micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as pre and probiotics and fiber for optimal digestive health.

Anyone who has tried cutting out an entire food group will already know it’s very difficult to do and inevitably leads to carb cravings. So it’s not a sustainable approach to eating – nor living – and is why almost everyone who ‘quits carbs’ is back eating them – and more than ever before – within a matter of days.

The Solution: The only way to lose weight is to consistently consume fewer calories than you burn – the bigger your calorie deficit the faster you’ll lose weight, but dropping too many calories is counter-productive.

Why? Because you’ll be constantly hungry and obsess about food – especially those you’ve told yourself you’re not allowed to eat. While cutting back on sugar – especially those found in fruit juices, soft drinks, biscuits, and sweets – will go a long way towards reducing your waistline, swearing off all carbs indefinitely will do you more harm than good.

The best approach to losing weight is to time your daily carb intake around exercise or periods of activity because carbs allow you to recover from training faster, and it’s important that you are fully energized for each session.

The smart choice is always foods closest to their natural forms, such as brown rice and potatoes, to keep the calorie count down and get the nutritional benefits that get stripped out of heavily-processed foods, such as white bread and french fries.

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