Anti Aging Tips: Natural Face Mask Make You Look 10 Years Younger




Each one of us wants to age with grace. While tough daily routines tend to increase dark circles, wrinkle skin and make our hair grey, we must be informed about foods that can help us to live happier, healthier and longer. Compiled from Reader’s Digest, here is a list of six anti-ageing foods that can help add golden years to one’s life.

Split peas: When it comes to living a long life, it doesn’t matter how you eat your green and yellow legumes as long as you eat them. Eating whole, cooked peas and other legumes—a staple of the Mediterranean diet—may actually slow ageing on a cellular level, according to a study published in the journal BMJ. Researchers speculate it’s the fiber and antioxidants that give them their longevity powers.

Anti Aging Tips: Look 10 Years Younger

Get Rid of Dark Circles, Skin Hyperpigmentation and Have Strong Hair

Walnuts: Going nuts for nuts may be one of the best things you can do for your health. People who eat nuts, especially walnuts, three times a week or more enjoy two to three more years of life, according to research published in BMC Medicine.

Such individuals significantly reduced their risk of cancer and heart disease, the two biggest killers we face as we age. However, a second study found that the life-lengthening benefits did not extend to peanuts or peanut butter. Walnuts are also one of a few foods shown to make you smarter.

Vegetable protein: No one is saying you have to ditch your steak but doing a few meatless meals a week can extend the number of weeks in your life. Adding plant sources of protein can help extend your lifespan, especially if you suffer from kidney problems, according to a study done by the American Society of Nephrology.

Foods such as quinoa, rice and beans, soy and tofu pack nearly as much protein per serving as meat does and you get the added benefits of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


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