Anti Aging Cream: Mother-of-three, 44, who looks half her age shares her VERY surprising beauty secrets



Model Abigail O’Neill stunned women all over the world last year when she showcased her radiant good looks at age 44. And now, the Byron Bay-based mother-of-three has revealed her very surprising beauty secrets behind her anti aging and youthful skin – including using the plant aloe vera as a serum for her complexion and raw candied honey as an exfoliator.

‘This is my aloe vera from my garden,’ Abigail explained on a recent video about her skincare secrets. The mask contains just two ingredients – raw cacao and manuka honey, which are then mixed together, applied to the face, left on for an hour and then rinsed off.

A couple of times a week, Abigail will also exfoliate with raw candied honey, which she rubs into her face, neck and the back of her hands in order to slough away dead skin. She then uses her own homemade salt scrub over her entire body, and is left with glowing radiant skin.

Homemade Anti Aging Cream



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