Acid Reflux: Stomach Pain, Acidity, Indigestion Causes and Treatment


Acid Reflux

An upset stomach is an annoying and uncomfortable scenario, sometimes even painful. Though everyone experiences an upset stomach once in a while, some people suffer more than others and, the most common culprit is food poisoning. Other possible reasons are stress, overeating, motion sickness, gas, medicine reaction, etc. The symptoms may vary according to the cause, but most people experience heart burn, vomiting, nausea and watery stools.


It is better to opt for treatment as soon as one experiences the symptoms as it prevents complications. But in certain instances, rather than rushing to the doctor or to the medical store at the first sign of trouble, one can find relief through everyday items in the kitchen. Thanks to nature, there are truly superb home remedies that can work to alleviate stomach discomfort. Watch the following video.

Acid Reflux: Stomach Pain, Acidity, Indigestion

Stomach and Liver Heat


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