Benefits of Methi Dana Fenugreek Seeds for Women’s Health

Benefits of Methi Dana Fenugreek Seeds for Women's Health

Fenugreek Seed (methi) is an annual herb with dark green compound leaves and strong odour. Its seed is brown in colour and has a typical odour. The seeds are enclosed in pods. The leaves and seeds are edible part of the plant which has both nutritional and medical value. Its seed is a hard lentil. Its colour is dark fawn and has astringent aroma.

Fenugreek seed contains five per cent bitter fixed oil. The oil has strong celery like odour. The seed helps maintain blood glucose levels in non-insulin dependent diabetic patients. It is also used with butter milk in the treatment of dysentery. The modern research has found that fenugreek helps control cholesterol and regulates blood glucose. Its seed lowers overall serum cholesterol, and reduces triglycerides.

Benefits of Methi Dana Fenugreek Seed for Women’s Health

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